The company mainly produces pharmaceutical intermediates, pesticide intermediates and fine chemical products, with strong technical force,
                            perfect production equipment and advanced testing instruments.

                            Aromatic Aldehyde Series

                            ●  o-Phthalaldehyde


                            ●  Isophthalaldehyde


                            Aromatic Acid Series

                            Aromatic Ketone Series

                            ●  2-Coumaranone


                            ●  (R)-4-Benzyl-2-oxazolidinone



                            The company has passed ISO9001:2000
                            quality system certification and
                            14000 environment system certification

                            Serve others and achieve yourself

                            Build the company into a company with customer satisfaction, employee pride and social responsibility, and strive for a better life for people



                            ABOUT US

                            Jiuquan Yajia Chemical Co., Ltd. (Lianyungang Jinyang Chemical Co., Ltd.) is a technology enterprise integrating scientific research and development, and our employees with a college education or above account for more than 40% of the total number of workers. At present, we are a specialized manufacturer of Pharmaceutical intermediates, Pesticide intermediates and fine chemical products. Located in Yumen Circular Industrial Park of Jiuquan City in Gansu Province, our main company enjoys very convenient transportation: we are 45 kilometers away from Jiayuguan Airport, and you reach Jiayuguan park through Lianhuo Expressway, National Highway 312 and bullet trains. At the same time, our factory has an area of 99,800 square meters and 36,000 square meters of buildings.

                            Business principles

                            All principles must follow the company's core philosophy

                            Safety is fundamental, and compliance is the red line

                            Quality is greater than delivery, delivery is greater than cost

                            Global is greater than local, local is greater than individual

                            Business is more than management

                            Transparency and integrity

                            Maximize resource utilization and minimize costs

                            Jiuquan Yajia Chemical Co., Ltd. (Lianyungang Jinyang Chemical Co., Ltd.)

                            ◇ Address: No. 9 Xingfu Road, Yumen Building Material Chemical Industrial Zone, Yumen City,
                                   Jiuquan City, Gansu Province, China

                            ◇ Zip code: 735211

                            ◇ Contact: Mr. Yan

                            ◇ Tel: +86-937-6987888

                            ◇ Mobile: +86-13306147133

                            ◇ Fax: +86-937-6982888

                            ◇ Email:

                            ◇ Website: , ,

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